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So, how does it look for opening weekend and the Rut? Are they rutting yet, and if so what stage are they in?????
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I seen 30 deer in about an hour last Saturday out turkey hunting..
12 bucks & the rest were doe's all were walking the game trail & no sign of rutting yet.
If the weather stays cool, it will be a good harvest come opening day.
I have seen no signs of the rut in my area. Even driving around coyote hunting I'm not seeing anything. I'd say that the first week of the season should be real good. :-\
I have several buddies that have been working north and west of enid for the last 3 weeks. The middle of last week they were seeing deer chasing all over and saw some actually stand and breed in the open in daylight. I bet it is going on here this week.
its been going on here for two weeks now and they aregoing nuts should be a good weekend for us
I was out at the land I am taking the kids hunting on and we saw lots of rubs and plenty of deer running around. So I'd say it's starting and likely happening this week..To bad I can't take em out there this weekend but hey it's land I can rifle hunt on so I won't complain..:)
I will be hunting in far northwest oklahoma this weekend, so sounds like from what Farmboy and masonbanta ara saying the rut is on. Thats good. Or is it bad and they might be in "lock down" with the doe's this weekend? ???
No buddy..That means your in the MONEY for Bagging & Tagging. ;D
okiehunter where are you hunting at in nw ok
I've seen lots of sign now that they are in full rut ;D ;D ;D I'm off Friday for 11 days, so it will be archery on friday, and then the gun comes out. ;D
okiehunter where are you hunting at in nw ok
I'm hunting a few miles north of Arnett
should be good went out yesterday on horse back and saw three different nice bucks nd one small one ll chasing does i was only 50yds from the biggest it was great
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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