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Took the new 10mm to the range today with the 180 grain blue bullets I loaded up the other day.
Got set up in front of the plate rack, fired all my reloads plus 50 more factory loads with zero issues.
This pistol has replaceable back strap grips to accommodate different sized hands. Need to verify the small set has been installed.
The newly designed trigger has a lot of take up and my hands are not the biggest, so could only get the tip of the finger on the trigger.
If the grips are indeed the small set, I’ll swap out the trigger for an aftermarket Apex that sets the trigger back to a more comfortable and correct position for me.
Don’t get me wrong, the factory trigger is actually pretty good for the masses, just not for me.
Had to do the same replacement with the S&W Series 1, 5”pro I used in USPSA matches.
Put a Riton red dot on the pistol, sold on Ammoland.com.
It had all the features like shake awake and 50,000 hours of battery life. The pistol was designed to run a dot that could cowitness with the dot. Did some dry fire practice before heading to the range.

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Plant Motor vehicle Automotive mirror

After the first shot, the dot went left about the width of the front sight and stayed there the rest of the shooting session. I’ll bring it back to zero and run some more rounds through it to see if it holds zero.
If not, a Holesun will be on order shortly.

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I somehow ended up drinking the M&P Kool-aid as well. All of my "defensive" pistols (nightstand, living room, truck, and ranch carry) are M&Ps. I really like the fattest backstrap with the palm swell though.

I agree with your review point on the triggers being serviceable, but that an Apex really sweetens the deal. I put one in my original M&P...I hated that gun after I bought it...must have had an 8lb trigger from the factory. I also stippled the grip and swapped the white dot front sight out for a Truglo TFO. World of diffence! The only drawback was that I had dumped another $200 into the pistol by that point. Fortunately, that was all that was needed to turn a 6"@15 yard pistol into a 25 yard armadillo slaying machine.

Sorry to hear about the red dot. Hopefully it was a one-time self adjustment.
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