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Here's a chart of a few scope tracking tests done on student rifles over the course of a few precision rifle courses. For simplicity; the closer to "100", the better. If the scope received a "FAIL", it broke during the test (Vortex x2...but lesser models).

I'd like to note that some brands/manufacturers use the same erectors and internals across several of their lines. For example: Bushnell's DMR, HDMR, ERS, and XRS all basically have the same internals...so while we only see a sample of 1-2 for each, you can actually combine all four of those models for an accurate representation of how well their top tier scopes track.

Most of these are ta tactical scopes, but are also usually the higher end models of each brand.

If you'll never, ever adjust your optic in the field, then this chart is moot.

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Metric caliber needs a “European” scope. A Z3 Swarovski would look great on that gun!!!(y)
What were those names you guys using on retrieverman?

Well after he made the post quoted, he got me researching.

My bias against Swarovski was based on my experience 30 some odd years ago. They were atop quality optic, only being bulky and expensive.

I Have been looking at the Z3.

This scope will go on a English Farquharson style American made rifle, A Ruger number 1 in 7x 57 Mauser. as Retrieverman has stated at begs A European scope.

So be it.

Monday I will check the quarterly/Yearly IRA statement and see how much I have earned.

All my life I was told to save money for retirement. I did that. No one ever said what the money was for. Now I know. To buy a new Swarovski scope for my new rifle.

By the way did I ever mention the good taste in gift giving my Okie gal has?

Any suggestions where to look for a Z3?

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Where do I buy a Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 scope?

That’s a few places to start. Good hunting!
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