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Scouting for elk

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Went out scouting for elk on Saturday. I was up in them big time. I from 850 feet to about 2000 feet in less than 1/2 mile. This is very steep terain. It took about 6 hours to make it round trip. Elk sign around every corner. I could tell they left the area only a few hours before I got there due to the condition of the scat. The thing about these guys is that though they can be patterned they cover a huge area so it is difficult to plan on them being where you think they might because they might move 15 plus miles in a night. I saw some ver clear deer sign too. My buddy and I talked about the possibilite of having to spend the night on the mountain because we were up really high and the sun was about 2 hours from going down. We decided to decend the mountain becasue it has been getting really cold at night around here. Most of the decent was a controlled down hill slide on our feet and sometimes on our rears. It was like going down a real long slide. ;D I will keep scouting this area to see if they are there come late summer for archery season. Nice thing about this area is it does not get alot of pressure since you are not allowed to drive in to this area ever. That equates to alot of heavy work before during and after the hunt especially if someone is lucky enough to harvest one of these giants. Ill keep you posted on future scouting.
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Hope it all pays off for ya & we see your big bull ya get next season.
Guage, It already is paying off for me. I am going to be in primo shape due to the kick in the butt hiking I am having to do chasing these bad boys. Who knows maybe it will tack on a couple more years of living for me. Plus being out there where few people are willing to go, is good for the soul.
You can bank on that buddy.
Thats what they call real hunting. Geting out there further and higher than anybody else, and willing to do the extreme to get the game. I'm Jelous again. ;) ;D
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