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Sept,6th & 7th Dove G.T.

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Sorry ya'all can't make it. :eek:
Maybe next time ya'all.

Will just have to shoot some for ya'all ;D I know not funny :mad:. :D :D

Hope to C-Ya'all next time.

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I would have signed on,except for the schedule I have this year. :'(
Hopefully next year,Dennis U can make it.
I'm on emergency crew on those dates. On call 24/7 :'(
I feel your pain Dennis, wish someone would make inspections and hurricanes go away, far far away.
Well ya'all that couldn't make it.
Don't feel to bad the weather messed them up again.
We shoot down 12 total.

The doves are still their just not fly'n as well.
Well I wish I could have made it, doves or not. But the pipeline Nazi's had other plans for me, while you guys were out killin 12, I was sittin in a hot trackhoe watchin welders go at it :mad: :mad: ::). This crap better be done by Deer season :mad: :mad: :mad:
It's ok farmboy I wasn't able to make it either..seems the money tree went dry till payday so gas being what it is I had to suck it up and not make the trip..funds aren't as plentiful this season with gas prices and grocery bills where they are..Seems prices keep rising but the paychecks sure don't..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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