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she came home tonight

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hey all my wife tammie is home tonight after almost 3 weeks in the hospital. the dogs were as excited she was at home as i was. she stil needs to rest for a bit but the outlook is good for her once she akes her diet complete. she is having to change her diet to help control any problems that could lead to another attack. we ight just check out of town in a couple of days and stay with my sis in s.e. oklahoma just so she can be away from the city life and her boss lol. he has been a pain thru her whole ordeal and a complete ass since she was admitted
anyways she is home with me the dogs and our god daughter
thanks for all your prayers
rob kinney
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Thats really great news! Sure hope everything smooths out for your family now.
thats great news, robk! God answers prayer. What part of SE Okla. ya'lll heading for, I'm just over the river in clarksville, just south of Idabel? Ya'll rest up, I'm sure everyone could use it!
That's great news Rob..Glad everything is starting to go well and we'll continue to pray that things proceed in a positive fashion for you both.

Wayawatsi...I'll be down near your neck of the woods mid April to see my brother-in-law who is a cop in broken bow..:)
Great news Rob,Hope all stays well and are you taking care of your self also,You still having problems? Don't let those go unchecked...or you'll be know good to her,as for her boss,SCREW HIM,she'll have more bosses than she'll have lives!!! Hope this gets all behind you now.
That is good to hear Rob.
Hope all keeps going well for the both of ya.

I'll be praying for you two.
Fantastic news, just being home will make her feel a lot better. You guys still in our prayers here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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