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Man, what happened to the site? Havent been on in awhile. Tried to log on and it said my user name was not known. Finally read a post that said the site crashed and lost everything. So I tried to register again as Smokewagonokc like I was and it will not let me. Whats up with that. Said "OKC" is reserved or some crap like that. Thats pretty bad when you cant even choose the name you want and have had forever. Plus I finally got enough posts finally to get off "fawn" status. Now Im back to square one. :mad:
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The server crashed, and all data was lost including the post counts..We all had to start as fawns again :'(
Don't know about the OKC thing. since thats part of the administrators name, it may not allow it. He would know more about that, and I'm sure he will be reading this.

Welcome back ;D
Welcome back Smokewagon.
Hey bud I dunno why it's not letting you use that name..Let me do some digging and if it'll let me I'll change your login name and email you. Yeah the site went down cause of some server issues and the server crashed hard and I mean hard..basically lost everything..:( I wish it hadn't happened but it did and nothing I could do about it but start over...Thanks for coming back and please come around as often as you want or can..:)
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