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Some of the 07'-08' Smack Down.

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Here are just some of the photos from this seasons waterfowl hunting.

Me & Okchunters Ducks from Day 2.

Bull Pintail around mid season.

A pair of Green Wing Teal,Bull & Hen..taken the same day as the Pintail.

Bull- G.W.Teal just before the new year.

Bull-Bufflehead taken the same day as the G.W.Teal Bulls.

Limit. 5 G.W.Teal & 1 Bufflehead. Bulls.

Farm Pond Hunt next 2 photos...Limit...1 Bull Common Golden,2 Redhead 1 Bull 1 Hen, 2 Widgeon 1 Bull 1 Hen & 1 Hen HollyWood Mallard.

Tulsa Trip with Alsatian..Last weekend for ducks. Next 4 pics.


3 Limit's in 12 minutes...Mine, My bud's & Grandsons.
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Look like you had a great season their Gauge.
Congrates to ya.
That poor little headless Teal :eek: Now thats wakking them
I'd say you both wacked um good.
that's awesome the only birds i've killed in that whole list are mallard and green-wing teal. all the rest i've never held
You need to come with Gauge and I...that man can smack down some birds..:)
say when and where i'm all over it ;D
chazk9~ Looks like will have to chance that for ya.
Opening day... Around- {Mid- November} plus more days as well to boot.
consider my stuff packed and ready to go ;D
You're the first one that I've ever heard refer to the male ducks as bulls! I'm gonna start callin' the hens, "heifers"! ;D Looks like you had a great season all around! Congrats!
Thanks USFWC.
Thats a good one for a female duck...got me a -heifer- g.w.teal :D :D ;D.
lol Ya know Gauge gonna have to really hit the ducks hard this season..:)
I know, I didn't get out as much as normal.
I'd like to see if,I can shoot 200+ again for this season. ;D
hehe no doubt...I plan on coming down that direction as much as I can..It'll be easier this year I can actually drive us so you can save some of your gas..:)Have 4wd will go offroad anytime..;)
Sounds good to me.
i happen to have 4 wheel drive too 4 door with real good mud tires didn't know there was any other way to live ;D i have ever other weekend off from thursday til tuesday from november til first part of january and i plan on spending majority of that time smackin down some waterfowl. do you have any dogs?
I got a 9 year old female black lab.
If at all, this will be her last season out in the field.
sad to hear but we'll make sure it's fun for her :)
chazk9~ she has bad hips & she will probly only get to hunt 1 last time.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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