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Somebody is getting a big ticket

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I just knew somebody was messing with my feeder, as the deer come wandering up without a care in the world, and just as soon as they get close to the feeder, they come to full alert and start walking like they are on hot coals. I don't know what he is doing, to make it that way, but my trail camera finally got a picture of him. ;D ;D I'm going to make a copy of it and get it to the local ranger and if he recognises him, I'll sign the trespass ticket, and also push for a violation of my right to hunt. That law was originally passed to hinder people like peta from interfering in a legal hunt. Its going to be real expensive before its all said and done. ;D ;D

Here is his picture ;D

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Someone that looks like that should be put under the jail ::)
Hope you guys nail his arse! Could he be someone hunting land near yours?
I think he may be the landowners son or nephew of the only 40 acres in the middle of the 2500 acres that I hunt on thats not owned by my buddy. The ranger has busted both of them for trespass, and carrying rifles during bow season, and so on. I'm thinking he will recognize them ;)
Busted him good with that photo,Dennis.
Hope he get's what he deserves for tinkering with your hunting.
I hope that they nail the son of a gun for doin that...man that just ain't right :mad: :mad: :mad:
Now ELIP...here would be a good ear target.....big fat one...use one of them big ole whale gigs...man...what a mess that would be...I sure would like for this guy to somehow see his mug shot on the internet...wouldn't that be cool...make him start wetting on himself...
Heck, I just wet myself laughing at the thought!
His picture is in the hands of the Grant county game ranger as we speak. He didn't recognize him.
You know what guys? I've looked at this guy nearly everyday since Dennis posted it...and Ole Buddy, if by some chance your reading this...You're still an ugly sucker...Now I'm ugly mysef...but I don't go around posing for a picture like this either...you're not only ugly...you're dumb....

One other thought...Thanks to Dennis, when I'm having a bad day at work..I just look at this guy...LMAO and then I feel totally better....
lmao now that's some funny stuff there Sasakwa...Yeah I keep asking myself does he not know people put trail cams by their feeders to monitor activity...I just hop ya catch the guy.
Still haven't heard any news yet. :'(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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