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Something to think about

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"I just decided not to be a victim. In an instant." - Lance Thomas

The nature of a mass shooting is the ultimate expression of human predator vs. human prey.

From Oregon to Arkansas to Pennsylvania to Virginia, there are some common threads to all of these horrifying events.

While we can argue the need for more police or armed citzens or gun control ad nauseum, the one thing that will ALWAYS be necessary to prevent such extraordinary tragedy is a willingness to resist.

Do not waste your time arguing over who is responsible. Do not waste your energy trying to convince those in charge that they are wrong for denying you legal access to a firearm.

Instead funnel all of that energy into developing the rightous indignation that will result in the will to resist this type of cowardly aggression.

It is inconceivable that a single individual armed with a pistol can overwhelm 10 times his number unless those individuals choose NOT to resist.

The presence of a firearm alone is not enough to deter violence of this sort. Only an individual or group of individuals determined to resist can do that.

A firearm in the hands of a coward is merely a nuisence in this scenario.

A firearm in the hands of a determined, skilled, and capable individual is the other hand, the savior of multiple lives.

All is not lost without the presence of a weapon in this scenario.

There are countless examples of willing individuals thwarting armed individuals with nothing more than their bare hands.

In a potential violent situation, make the certain determination not to do whatever the suspect wants you to do.

This may include feigned compliance until an opening presents itself, but sometimes you may not have this opportunity and be forced to create your own.

This may include fleeing or diversion. It may include standing your ground and fighting and possibly dying.

However it is imperative that you not acquiese and mandatory that you resist in some way.

Heroes will die some day, possibly today.

Victims die every day of their lives.

Resistance is often the determining factor in how survivors recover from traumatic incidents and frequently those that do not resist in some way but still miraculously survive, live with post traumatic stress than makes their lives unbearable.

Resistance on the other hand, reduces the effects of this type of post traumatic stress.

Don't rely on a suspect's mercy. Ever. The nature of their crime indicates that they do not regard society's ethos in the least.

Their initiative sentences them justly to whatever the rightous man does.

Make a commitment at this moment that if you are ever faced with this type of violence, that you will resist.
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