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Spring is here!

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Got a shot of this young buck in my driveway yesterday evening

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Spring more like summer ;D.
Nice looking young buck as well.
I guess it is summer by a few days, but with these 50 & low 60 degree mornings around here, it seems like spring ;D
To bad it don't stay that way all day.
Sure would be nice to have the high @ under 70 degrees.
Heck stop complaining when I was in west texas on fathers day weekend it was 107..:p Although I hate this damn humid heat it sucks..I am so ready for fall/winter...
No, I like the cold..you don't sweat as much. ;)
In the summer you can't take off anuff clothes & be legal outside. ;D :p

{107 degrees}=...Inside all day watching t.v. with plenty of A/C & liquid refreshments :D :D ;D
I'm a cold weather person myself, but have to do lots of summertime farming, & my tractors don't have AC. :'(
Dennis ~ A/C ? Not even @ 25 mph down the gravel road with all windows down. -Okie A/C- ;D
No windows either, just me,an umbrella, & the wind sweeping down the plains ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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