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Yesterday I went and got things started on the stand (red dots) that hopefully you can see with the purple circle around it. Please forgive the elementary look to the graphics...I was doing this on my phone. The deer trails are yellow, and are pretty predictable year in, year out...they head to the northwest, where about 200 more yards in my Texas neighbors have set up their huge food plot. My property is bordered on the west and south by the obvious creek, and those are some of my hay meadows that you can see. The green blob is my new food plot location.


As you can see. The stand I worked on yesterday has a pretty significant pinch point. I am set up on a crest about 10 feet above, and 17 yards off the well used trail. The biggest downside this year is that I put up my two tree stands (I'm only buying one per year) in other locations because this spot is naturally elevated. I still might hunt this spot during a colt front because the deer only have one way to come through, and by the time they smell me it should be too late. Otherwise 8m stuck using this stand only when the wind is coming from the west...which is infrequent here. Anyway, I put up a vine as a licking branch and started my mock scrape. I'll come back and finish this area and set up a camera around 1 August.

My sitting location from the lane I created down to the scrape:


The trail from the west and scrape branch location.


The trail from the east, which also has my shooting location.


Finally, my east trail improvement on the vegetation (ground needed nothing, this is well-used) leading up to the shooting lane.


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I can't get into my spots.One is 1/2 mile across a field the lessee farmer just worked up. Hopefully he is going to plant milo in there. He typically does and it becomes a deer magnet.
The other plot is in the middle of a section with wheat planted all around it, just weeks away from harvest so I don't want to cross the wheat.
It's my perennial clover plot that I'm sure is doing great with this wet spring, but I like to go see if the new area I planted last fall is coming around. Probably needs the johnson grass sprayed as well.
Good luck with yours!
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