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Standby list for the dove g.t.

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If you are interested in going dove blasting.
Please sign up for a hunt & what day or days you would like to hunt.

This is just a standby list as of now.
So when,I get a yes or no to how many more people can go.
You will be good to go.
Remember...1st to sign up ='s 1st to hunt.

C.W. & Farmboy are signed up.
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For ya'all on the standby list...If you have September 1st off. Like,I do.
I got 2 spots open for the whole day, if any of you are interested let me know.
If you are talkin about Labor Day, i have to work :mad: :mad: :mad:

The tight wads I work for decided last year that we only get 5 holidays per year instead of 6 like it used to be. :mad: :mad: :mad:
That sux's.

I'll be making a few phone calls next week.
So,I'll be able to let everyone know,If everyone can go for the weekend.
I'm off and would love to join the hunt.. How much will it cost? What all do i need to do?
Gauge when are you making those phone calls?
CW I'd guess sometime this week...Id; give him till the end of the week eat least...
the first is the only day i can go
CW~ this Friday.I'll let ya'all know by this weekend.
chazk9~ Look for a P.M.
I sent ya 1 this morning.
I'll send ya another later today on more about the hunts.
Oh get off your lazy arse and make the calls ya bum...we know you don't work or anything so what's the excuse..:p j/k sorry had to poke at ya a little..
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