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Stolen cars....

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Well the mess is just about over...I hope no one has to go through this mess it plain out sucks...The wife and I pulled a few tricks out of our hats and we ended up with what we wanted in the end..So we should have out check minus what little was owed on my car by tomorrow. THen I get to start looking for a car. I am looking for a nice early model Jeep Cherokee and 4 wheel drive is a must so if you see one or know anyone selling one for a reasonable price that doesn't have a ton of miles on it let me know. Gotta try and get something for around $2500 give or take, that way I can also put a slight lift on the suspension and get a decent set of tires..So keep your eyes and ears open for me..:)

If anyone does ever have this happen drop me a line I can give ya some tips on dealing with the insurance company...Just hope it isn't gang bangers who steel it and then smoke crack in your car... :eek: ??? :mad:
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Wasen't that your crack okchunter :D :D :D ;D.
I had to..you have had such crappy luck in the last 6 mo. Brother
yeah my luck has been pretty crappy lately..but things are beginning to turn around...:)
Hang in there and have faith, okchunter, it'll get better. It could be a blessing in desguise! Your getting a 4x4 that you can do some tricking out on, and your kids wern't in it when they grabbed it. The same day yours was stolen a car was grabbed in Houston, w/ 10month old inside! the baby turned up 4.5 hrs later at a local hospital (Praise God!) So hang in there!
I agree...Wayawatsi.
Ditto to what ya said.
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