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Striker give-away

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The striker that was won by Obokie has not been claimed as of today. According to the rules, it had to be claimed by Feb 28, @ 8am or it would be given to the runner-up.

The site crashed before Obokie's deadline was reached, so in the interest of total fairness, I asked OKChunter to extend the deadline to next wed March 5, at 8am. If at that time he has not re-registered, and claimed his prize on this thread, or send me a pm, it will go to second place. I kept a list of first, second and third place winners, so I know second place will claim it. He's a pretty regular poster on here ;) ;D
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Yep I think this would only be fair. Gives him plenty of time to check back and re-login.

I feel bad since the site crashed and the server went crazy. One of these days I will be able to afford my own server and just stick the site on there. That's the goal anyways. Then I can do more things then just a forum..:)
Good deal Dennis,Real Fair....Real Fair,I'd hate to se to guys lose out in a row...
I hope tis pic came out.Guess not here one from last year??/
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Nice bird! ;D
Sounds totally fair to me as well.
Shoot the site crashed & ibokie held the winner #.
He's the winner...What's a week to give the guy, to claim his prize.
Sounds fair to me.

Nice bird kele

Thanks Guy's,Just a big'ol Jake,
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