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"Summer Special" at the {Chain Ranch}

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Hey guys just thought I would pass along we are running a special. The deal is $200 and that includes one nights lodging an evening and morning hunt for one ram and one pig transportation to and from the hunt area. Plus you get to hunt with me that alone is a $1,000,000 value LOL. Seriously though if you guys are interested or need more info don't hesitate to pm email or call me 5808865985 or the website www.chainranch.com. Also we can accommodate up to 10 people. Thanks
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Re: Summer Specail at the Chain Ranch

As per our phone conversation I will see if I can get something going on with some buddies on this one.

Re: Summer Specail at the Chain Ranch

sounds good it was good talking to ya mike
Re: Summer Specail at the Chain Ranch

Would this be any weapon? It sounds interesting, and was thinking bow or handgun?
yes it is any weapon if everyone is archery hunting then spot and stalking would be allowed it would be a great bow hunt or even one for the ol 44 mag
it will run july and august for right now it might be extended depending on the amount of interest showed and numbers of hunts booked
I may want to take my dad on this for Father's Day. When is usually a good time to call you?
anytime you need to i always have my phone on me
just went down to TX yesterday and bought 40 nice rams of all varieties
Mason, I need a White Texas Dall to complete my Texas Slam with a pistol. How much
$200 I got quite a few and I have one in the other high fence that is really nice for $750 I will try to get a pic of the big one and post up but the $200 there are several that are over full curl
750 Is way outa my range. $2-300 would be more to my liking. Definately need a full curl or more to go with all the others on the wall. I have a 4-horn that would have ranked 11th in the world with a handgun if I would have had it scored and entered. Shot it with my 41mag
i went out and looked at them last night there are several that really good animals in fact i came close to shooting one myself and they are in the $200 special thats awesome about the 4 horn i shot the #1 and #10 mouflons two years ago with my bow the tx dall is pretty popular this year as i have had lots of request on them from guys that have booked with me
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