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Sunday at my house

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Been on Generator power since Sunday morning. The big limb took out the power line. There were huge trees across the road north and south, so we were pretty much trapped in there until Sunday evening until the county workers cleared the trees off the road. I have to assume we had a micro-burst of wind as the damage in our area was confined to about 1/4 square miles. Got 2 1/2" of rain in 45 minutes with quarter size hail. Can't do anything right now, as the power line is hot, but not connected to the house anymore. Hopefully the utility company will get out there today and get power restored. Country living at its finest ::)

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Wow, you got some sort of storm, hope there isn't any damage to any of your stuff Dennis. Have you always had a generator or just since the icestorm. Them things are great to have around. How do you have yours hooked up to the house?
So far, not a lot of damage, but will find out more when the utility company kills the power line under the tree and I can get some hellp out there to get it cut up.

I've had the generator since the Ice storm about 4 years ago. We went 11 days without power.
I use a cord that plugs into the 230 volt plug on the generator, and wire the other into my 50 amp breaker that supports my welder in the shop. That backfeeds into the breaker into the house. I found that I have to turn off all the breakers in the house and turn them back on one at a time to keep from hitting the generator with too much load at one time causing it to stall. with 2 freezers, and two refridgerators, It would hit it pretty hard. Its a 10000 watt peak, and 8000 continous with an electric start. Of course the main is turned off that feeds back to the pole, or wherever the wires are broken now.
Man that rough. sorry for you.
Dennis, Just glad you and your family are all good.
That stinks...if I wasn't in school I'd offer to come up and help clean up...
Sounds like you got the set up. It is nice to have a back up power supply. Since I'm on well water with natural gas for heat on a central system, it was the best money I've spent to get my generator. The man at the 'elctric company did say to kill all the breakers and turn on the generator and turn them on after power is on. I'm looking at deal where I can run the generator on propane or natural gas as well as gasoline, so I don't have to keep filling the tank with 5 dollar bills. Lot's easier to run in ignorant bliss and get the bill at the end of the month. :D ;D :eek:
Dam, Dennis you have hade all of the worst storms going your way for over a week.
20 some tornados & t-stoms all over in your county.
Wish ya all the best on getting back to where things should be.
I had friends show up sat morn, and they had it all cleaned up by 1:30. ;D Looks like a home again. ;D
So???? How much beer did that cost'ya?
Greg, it was cheap...He gave um Keystone Light :D ;D

Dennis, good to hear your house is back.
Greg, it was cheap...He gave um Keystone Light :D ;D

Dennis, good to hear your house is back.

Keystone lite??? How did you know???? I don't remember you being there?? ::) ::) ;D

It worked out really well. By the time it was done they were hot and tired, so I ordered burgers, and picked them up with some beer. They ate the burgers, left the beer and went home. ??? ???

Couple of years ago, these same guys would have stayed until midnight, or when the beer ran out :eek:
Gettin old I guess :'(
Gets the best of all of us.
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