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Sundays pheasant hunt

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Went out with a buddy to chase some roosters around. At least the wind wasen't blowing 90 mph, but it was still pretty chilly. We walked some of the big fields and we managed to limit out in a couple of hours. Gunner was getting pretty tired by then as the grass is about 4' high, and its tough going for him.
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It's been close to 9 year now without being able to go Pheasant hunting.

Wish,I could of gone with ya.

Nice birds all 4 you got from friday-sunday ,Dennis.
I'm off for 7 days starting Wednesday, so there should be a few more to check in. ;D
Maybe another doe or two. ;D ;D
Good looking birds. Like gauge it has been over a decade since I have gotten to go pheasent hunting. The last time I did some Dumba$$ shot me in the back. I am finally wanting to go again. Just dont know where to go around here and I dont have a good dog for flushing.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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