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Taurus .45

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Been looking for a 45 1911 and so far I'm thinking for the money the Taurus is looking like a pretty good buy. Anybody have experience with the Taurus?
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I have read up on that pistol, and for the money it sounds really good, but, like you I haven't heard much from anybody thats owned one. ???
Was in town looking around at the gunshops to see if anyone had heard anything about them and one store had one. It feels great in my smallish hands and the 8 sights might take a bit to get use to. Fit and finish was really nice and being left handed I did like the ambi safety. Mason Banta is the who told me about these and Bass Pro has them for just over $500, don't remember the actual price. The one I looked at today was $585 so thought I might look around a bit. He did have a neat flashlight/lazer that fits nicely on the picatany rail that might have to be bought.
I'll look around on the net and see what others say.
I did a quick look on the net, and hope this helps ;D

Here is one from a forum:
I read a GREAT article on the Taurus PT 1911, (I have it in front of me at this very minute), pages 66-70 in Guns & Ammo Annual: "THE COMPLETE BOOK OF THE MODEL 1911". They compared Kimber, Springfield, Para, Smith, Brown, Sig, Taurus and Colt. Happy reading and please let us know what YOU think. I can tell you that according to the article, the Taurus is excellent; the low price due to molten metal injection (I think is what they called it). Several companies use that, including Kimber. Again, happy reading and please follow up.

Happy new year all!



Originally Posted by sonsofkraftybob
Anyone buy one of the new Taurus PT1911's? I know they got handgun of the year from the NRA publication. $600.00 bucks and it has all the aftermarket stuff already installed factory. Stainless will be coming out soon and the gun seemed pretty cool in the article. Just wondering if anyone has one and what they think.

I purchased one Thursday and had it to the range on Friday. The local Gander Mountain had one for $499. Put 200 rounds of ball and JHPs through it and it didn't miss a beat. Accuracy was superb. Excellent sights for my "old" eyes. I, too, am waiting on one of the stainless models that should be out early next year. I see absolutely nothing wrong with having two PT 1911s.


I fired 10 rounds through one at my local range, where the pistol rangemaster is retired Seattle PD. I've mentioned this in another thread, but anyway it pertains to this discussion. He owns several 45's: A $1900 Les Baer, the new Taurus 1911, and a couple of others. He said that while the Baer still outshoots the Taurus, it's only marginally more accurate, definitely not enough to justify over 3x the price! He said the Taurus is the best value among all the 45's he owns. When I fired it with his lighter practice load, it was unbelievable, this thing handled more smoothly and had less kick than my 9mm! And I could fire it more accurately than my 9mm, even though this was the first time I had ever fired the gun. The trigger is incredibly light and smooth, compared to the long double action on my 9mm (true, that is sort of an apples to oranges comparison), and the gun was a joy to handle and shoot. I will definitely be buying one of these when I save up the money. Right now I want to buy 2 45's: A Kimber stainless carry, and this Taurus.
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Thanks Dennis, I've been reading some websites and most folks that have or have shot one like it. The only ones that have anything to say bad about it are the "purists" and think a 1911 must cost over a thousand bucks and then spend another thousand on it to deserve to be owned.
I use to own a 44 & 454 Taurus.
Good handguns made by S&W.
S&W has them made in Brazil.

They also don't have the cylinder rock like the S&W's do.
I'm looking at the 45 auto as I've always wanted a 1911 type and with the Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment comming on the 18th I figgure I might ought to get one while I can if it doesn't go well.
Bird, can't say i blame ya their.
taurus is a great value we have it for aound 550 im thnking it will be my next purchase
Howdy Mason, it was good to talk to ya at the store the other day. I may be in to look at that pistol ya'll have.
allows a pleasure meeting fellow members i will let you know when we get another taurus in i cant decide if i want the ss one and one with the rail
I've been eyeballing the SS version as well. I definatly want the rail, the shop in shawnee has a neat laser/flashlight combo that fits like a glove on it. Can I go in to Bass Pro and order one or do I have to wait till they order on their own?
Stainless is the only way to go ;D I don't think I have any handguns that aren't stainless, except for some collectors items. ;D
i will check our special order catalog and see i he has them in stock if he does then you can come in and order it
Looking at the Pawn/Gun shop in Mustang and they have a Springfield SS that's pretty nice, $735 out the door and they have several more, Colt and Kimber. Also a Fireball or something like that for $335 if anyone else is looking.
I hope not Mustang Gun and Pawn. I bet you could find a better deal at Big Boys Guns and Ammo in Wheatland.
Checked Big Boys and they were a couple of bucks cheaper , but they had 2 in stock with the rail that I wanted. Also found out that Taurus has a life time warrenty on all their guns. Pretty cool I thought. Gonna hit the gun show in OKC on the 29th to see if I can get one just a tad cheaper, if not big Boys will be one short.

OOps, Mustang G&P was $635 not 735. Big Boys was 623 out the door. Dang tax jacks it up some.
we got them back in finally price is 569.99 if i remember right
Mason, do they have the rail ?
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