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{ The Count Down Till Turkey Day}

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We got 9 more days of misery wait'n to hit the woods again this spring for Mr.Tom /or Ms.Tom Turkey.

So let the count down start. 9 days to go.

Wish ya'all a good ,safe & successful season.
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Oh man am I itchin to get out and shoot something..:) Can't wait to get out there for some good ole fashioned turkey blastin..:)
I finally heard one gobble tonight!!! ;D ;D Just before dark I liquified a armadillo with the 25-06 and had a bird shock gobble back at me ;D ;D ;D First bird I have heard around here in a LONG time :'( :'( sounded like he was way off on the neighbors, that must be were they been hidin :'( but hey, at least I heard one.
Farmboy, it's looking better for ya now.
Lookin better but not great, yet. I would like to see some birds and find out how many there are. If there arent many I'll have to just watch. I been holdin back for years tryin to let the numbers come up, it just aint worked yet. I went 5 years without killin a deer here but that finally worked out so maybe the turkeys will too.
Sure hope so.
8 more days to go Ya'all
Gesh, 8 more to go. ::) ::)
At least ya'all get a stap at it,I got to wait till i come back home from Wyoming.
We'll save ya some turkeys..:) I am gonna try to come out again before the season ends for another turkey bashin...:)
I know you ain't worried about geting a turkey.
Shoot, you only have close to 100 come to your front door knocking for a hand out of corn :D :D ;D.

Ok, 7 more to go.
:D :D,I wish it was that easy.
I am right there with ya Mossy...:) If it was that easy I'd never leave the back porch..:)
Buddy of mine from Texas sez that if you put a trail of corn straight away from you blind, when the flock lines up to eat you can get several w/one shot!!!!! Now that'd be easy, but you miss the fun of the tom not comming in to your callin.
6 more to go
5 to go.
Can,I shoot 1 yet ? Man their thick out their today.
5 to go.
Can,I shoot 1 yet ? Man their thick out their today.
You bet....go ahead and shoot 1...heck...shoot 2 if they're small....I was out yesterday and could hear them less than 1/2 mile from my house, but I have a motorcycle show this weekend in Edmond...I guess that's the good thing about a month long season...I'm betting there will be a few left for me next week...all of yall that's going this Sunday...Good Luck from ole Sasakwa....
I'll wait out the next 5 days.
I've waited this long to blast 1.

We all thank you Sasakwa...Best to you next week on smack'n a gobbler.
If the turkey don't show up this weekend, I guess I can still go to the Wannamaker gun show in Tulsa. :'(
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