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The day is finally here.

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;D ;D ;D ;D

Post the results of the long wait here. See everyone in a couple of hours. Good luck and shoot straight.

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It's time again to hit the field &ROCK & ROLL.

All the best to you today Tulsahunter.
We should rack in some points this month.

For ya'all that hit the field today...Have a good 1.
Good hunting everybody. We are hitting the road in a few minutes for Lake Tanneycomo Mo.
Won't be back until Saturday.
Wrap a few of em' in bacon and grill em' for me.
Hopefully they will still be around next weekend :'(
I got skunked. They had to fly over a huge lease to get to me and there was about a billion hunters on the surrounding leases and I was in the middle. No luck for me.


I shot two and they landed in the water.
We got 22 dove & 4 bullfrogs. ;D ;D ;D ;D
Got to go kill some more dove this evening. ;D

Sorry to hear about your luck tulsahunter.
the boss man and i were done in 20 minutes and our hunters were done in 2 hrs cleaned 345 birds and 4 guys took theirs home to clean themselves so we shot 405 birds today i was retarded how good it was
Our Sept 1st Dove G.T. Gang shoot down 50 & we got 48 on ice.
Will be back out tonight for another limit.
We knocked the flock down again.
Both me & chazk 9 got 34 doves a piece tonight was slow.
Y'all are making me sick with jelously. :'( :'(
We use to smoke'em like that up here, but in the last 10 years or so, we keep getting these early cold fronts and driving them your direction.

I hate global warming :mad: :mad: ::)
It has been like this for all the 9 seasons,I have hunted on this land.
I guess ya need to make a trip someday for the opener.
Be glad to have ya,Dennis.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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