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The Obama family

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This is the latest cover from the New Yorker magazine.
How appropriate that a far left democratic magazine has this opinion of their candidate ;D ;D
They claim on todays news that it is satire, but to me its a commentary. :mad:

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Thats funny.
Democrates... ::) ??? :p :-\ :D :D
What's so sad about this is it could easily be true and could be actually happening in our White House in only a few short months.......but to me the Republicans don't seem to be trying very hard to bring this couple down...
Saw a bumper sticker today that made me laugh and cry.

" Election '08- None of the above. "
That's exactly the way I feel Bird...no way in hell I'm gonna vote for someone named Hussian for President but the damn Republican leaves a whole lot to be desired...for the first time in my voting career I may just stay home and gripe for the next 4 or 8 years...
Me too.
If you don't vote, consider it a vote for Obama. IMHO
I've always found it strange with the gazzilion people living in this country, that basically we only have 2 candidates/parties to choose from. And of those it's a contest to see who can raise the most money. I think that each candidate should get X amount of money and see who uses it the best to get elected.
If you don't vote, consider it a vote for Obama. IMHO
Oh, I'll vote, if not then my ole Daddy would turn over in his grave...but.....to me it's a shame this is what we have to vote for...The Republican has spent all this week and all last week speaking to groups that he knows won't vote for him....he is falling behind and so what did he do?...fired all his top brass and hired Rudy G.'s ex-campaign manager....BOY HE DONE GOOD>....ran in one state and got thrashed....to me he is just on a self destruction course...don't seem to be putting out much effort...everyone in the country is trying to help him get elected....Obama's preacher...Jesse Jackson....with friends like that-who needs enemies?...but anyway.......probably the reason I would rather talk hunting than politics......everyone have a wonderful weekend...either catch a fish or shoot something ( legal that is ) or both....I plan on spending the intire day here at work trying to come up with a lincense plate that my ole buddy Dennis will like...it sure beats working for a living.......
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Must be ruff,Sasakwa.
It's real ruff Gauge...now I find out that our Buddy Dennis has already used one of the others...all that brain power went to waste...
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