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The way the world is going!

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This kinda broke my heart. Check out this link http://addictivehunting.googlepages.com/ This is the place I use to hog hunt - for FREE!! Now it is $200 for a weekend! :( :'( :'( The house they use for lodging is even the house I stayed in when my buddy worked for the previous owners as a ranch hand. It was his company housing. I will admit, they do have a TON of big hogs out there but come on, $200!! :mad: :mad: I guess if someone wants a hog hunt, I would probably recommend these guys, if you dont see hogs on this place, get your eyes checked. ;)
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Seems fair to me @ $200.00 & 50.00 for each additional hog.
That gives ya a weekend stay & a 90% chance of get'n 1.

When ya think of gas,place to stay, food & drink- $200.00- is a drop in the bucket.

Farmboy-It sux's you can't hunt for free anymore,I understand that picture far to well.

Yet this place here..we are talking about. You can't beat that deal.
O'- I'm now offering guided Squirrel hunts for $100.00 a day. :D :D ;D

Our love for hunting has many many ?'s anymore! ( Food for thought)
Is this the old Groendyke ranch? Weren't they offering these hunts as
American Horse Outfitters? I guess it might be a different place.
That is a great price for a weekend hunt.
Caresut ~ Yep, same place new name. Best I have been able to find out, American Horse Outfitters is no more. They leased the place out to whoever runs this operation.
I hunted that place for 15 years. Made me sick when they sold out.
$200 isn't so bad. We don't have hogs up here, and I paid more than that 2 years ago to hunt some and stayed in a plywood shack with a 5 gal bucket to do you know what.
But, we still had a good time and killed hogs. ;D ;D
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