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Imagine seeing this out your back door!
Where is the weirdest place you have seen deer?
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Well their is 3 years of limits under the trapoline. ;D
I was thinkin the good deer on the far right is sittin pretty for a neck shot, till I noticed the nose stickin out beside his left ear :eek: :eek: That would have been a EASY way to get me in trouble. :eek: :-[ ;D
Looks like you need to turn on the water wiggler and let the deer play.
I forgot to mention, I did NOT take this picture (I WISH) ;D ;D I had it e-mailed to me.
hehe yeah I have seen this picture many times..I got it in an email once and boy would I like to see that out in my back yard....
In my back yard ;D
We had a small 6 point looking into our bedroom window one morning, but I didn't get a pic of it. :'(

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I saw a doe a couple weeks ago at I-40 and Czech Hall RD in Yokon. She was cruisin through a church yard like she owned the place ::)

I saw quite a few deer last summer at the I-235 & I-44 Jct in OKC.

It really has suprised me how many deer live in the middle of cities with thousands of people all around them all day long.
I hear ya Farmboy, I see them eating right at the edge of the pavement a couple of places on I-40 &240. At Draper Lake, Douglas Blvd exit I see a herd of deer and turkeys several times a week.
Yep, I used to see em at 240 & Douglas when I was workin at Tinker and goin through there a lot.
I was up in Cleveland Ohio for about 17 weeks during the winters of 2002-2006 on company business, where they use lots of salt that is mined right there on Lake Eire to keep the roads clear. Every evening we would drive from downtown Cleveland to the northern suburb where we were staying on I-90. I'm betting we saw 100 deer a night right on the side of the road eating the salt.
Urban deer are a big issue even in OKC. Where Arcadia lake is at NE of Okc, they took a state record archery buck several years back and all the home owners in the area had a screaming fit. Now that they can't grow gardens, bushes, or flowers in their yard, they want the state to do something. When the OWDC said hunting was the only answer, they screamed again, but have since learned to live with them, or now live in walled enclosures ;D
If you look south between Rockwell and Macarthur in the Alfalfa field
on I-40, there is a really nice buck out there right around dusk.
There are also quite a few does on this field. Also, the Kilpatrick
turnpike around the North Canadian I see quite a few deer.
I just watch um out the living room window & wish.
I hate living in city limits.
Got two bucks- an 8 & a 6 point plus 7 does.
They come down the hill every evening around 8:00 p.m.
Dennis, it alway makes me kind of giggle when the city folk almost faint at the thought of someone shooting the pretty lil deer, then when they start eating their $100 shrub they become field rats, but still don't shoot Bambi. Then spend $1000 bucks on a fence so they can't see past their back yard and defeat the purpose of moving somewhere with a view and end up hitting a deer with a Beemer. :-\
Well- Bird ya know we cant please everyone.

They got a high dollar housing development over hear near the lake.
They got a nice pond with Canada Geese. [O look @ all the geese hun.]
Now they hate them, cause they don't migrate off & $hit all over their yards. :D :D :D :D

City folk will never understand um ::) ::) ;D
I hear ya bird. Nothing like country living with a 8' brick wall around the house.
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