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Today is the BIG day

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Well ya'all today is my interview for the OK Wildlife Dept.
Only a few hours to go...1:00 p.m. this afternoon.

Ya'all keep your fingers crossed.
I'll let ya'all know how it went later today.
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Best of luck to ya buddy, hope all goes well and that you'll have good news.
Sweet got my fingers crossed for ya bud..I'd say drop me a line but well I am sure you're on your way home by now..:)
Thanks you 2.

Well, All went fine.
Had a few questions asked to me on the interview that made me think a lot more then,I had expected.
Mean while,I believe it all went well & hope to hear from them tomorrow or next week.

They told me after all the interviews, they would have there minds made up by the end of today on who gets the job.
Keep your fingers crossed its me.

I'll let ya'all know when,I get word.
good luck hope you get it
All fingers crossed here!
Thanks guys.
I have not gotten word yet back as to if ,I got the job or not.

I'll keep ya'all up to date as to what happens.
Thinking about ya buddy. A sick part of me hopes you get moved up here though.


best of luck
Thanks, buddy.
Your in my thoughts and prayers bud.
I appreciate it very much buddy.
I did not get word today,So it should be early next week.
Hopefully, Monday morning.
So if you find out Monday, what are you going to do Tuesday?!?!?!? ;)
I'd imagine he'll be taking a small vacation..
Here's hoping for the best. Good luck ;)
It going to be a long weekend :(
Thanks Ya'all.
It has been a long weekend.

Hope for the best come tomarrow sometime.
Hey everybody, let's all keep calling Gauge's phone all day tomorrow and keep it tied up.... nah just kidding ya. Hope you get the call you've been waiting on early!
Me too.
I'm still waiting.
Give them a call. Shows initiative.
I'm gonna give it till Wednesday.
Ok, I not out of the loop just yet.
Chain of command is where it lies as of now.
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