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Todays adventure to the turkey woods. 11-9-08'

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Got the wife out in woods again today ;D.
She ain't been out in along time.

We went out to the creek bottom about 20 minutes from the house around 1:30 p.m. looking for thanksgiving dinner.
A.K.A. Mr.Tom Turkey.
1st on the list was to hit the railroad track aera and winter wheat field.
We found sign- feathers & poop all over from where they had been roosting for awhile.
Well some guys came around and shot a dillo...Time for us to bug out & head for Spot #2 on the hit list.

Got to the spot & headed for the woods along the creek bottom.
We walked in around 500 yards...When all hell broke lose... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
10 turkeys about 20 yards out & heading right for us...holy crap looking for Mr.Red Head & after beading down on several hens.
I found Mr.Red Head about 25 yards out in some brush.
The county,I was hunting in wount let ya take a hen with a gun :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:.
Back to the story...The bead fell down on the bottom of Mr.Toms neak & BOOM...Jellyhead action was going on.
Federal Premiums 12 Gauge 3 1/2" magnum 2 1/4 oz of #6 shot thought for sure it was a done deal ??? ???.

Well,all i found was 2 tiny blood spots on the same leaf but 15 yards from where,I shot Mr.Tom.
Even after the shot,the turkey just walked off mid pace & slipped away.
Not to spooky or did they seam shaking up to bad.

Next weekend It's a done deal for Mr.Tom. ;)
Gonna leave the house around 12:00 noon & seat all afternoon & evening still,I walk out of the woods with Thanksgiving dinner in tow. ;D
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Dang, sounds like your having my kind of luck. That railroad area sure looked good when 7Mag and I were there. The creek bottom you went to, is that where you and I saw the batch of turkeys? I need to get loose and get down that a ways and say howdy to ya'll.
Luck has been very good-Just should of double shot that Tom,since he was in some brush.
The creek bottom is down were the boat dock is on the other side of the rail road tracks.
It is close to wear,I took ya 2 last fall.

Now we can walk out the entire creek bottom & funnel threw it as well.
Me like that O' so much...Old beaver dams & old flooded timber got it tramped down from deer.
Looking very good to bag 3 deer on what is left for deer gun seasons.

Ya need to head down here when ya can buddy.
I've been thinking of getting a fall turkey to make some jerkey.(Good stuff) I've got about 20 on that wheat field that flooded this summer. Got a few pics of them on a trail cam, and was replanting some wheat about two weeks ago in some areas and saw them bugging in the field. I'm thinking I can set up with a pop up blind, and get a shot at one with the cross bow.
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