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Todays hunt 12-14-08'

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Well, the wind was back again & not as strong as yesterday.
Ducks just did not want to fly this morning.
Seen around 250 ducks total. O' and most were PINTAIL :mad: :mad:............................>
100 or better were,all were kill shoots 20 yards @ most.

I managed to get 2 quacker with just 2 shots ;D ;D.
1 Bull Mallard & 1 Bull G.W. Teal.
Well here they are.................

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way to go Gauge. too bad on the pintails.
Thanks, ELIP.
I wish when the season re-opened back up yesterday.
That Pintail & Canvasback season should of opened up as well.

Tons of Pintail's in the aera and the canvasback numbers are up as well.
I just hope they stick around till next weekend with all the weather coming in this week.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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