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Todays outing at Clear Lake

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Well this was a slow day. The Main population of the female's have not spawned as you can see with this pig due to the winds around Ca this year,we have had one day of spawning with none of the really big ones coming in yet,100 instinct shots,50 hits including one right threw the eye....One that weighed 2.5 LB's,now thats some shooting to hit that small of a fish on the move three feet under water & one out about 30 yards on the move,this was my favorite fish of the day pic's below,my buddy shot the same amount of shots or theres about and I beat him % wise today,rare with this 60 year old guide from every where from AK-CA. We have really become close friends with my own room at the house anytime I want,I also have a condo on the other side of this lake,but prefer the homely feeling of staying with my friends,he also has a nice GSP to take out to my club with Kele this year for some upland game hunting,and it looks like I have him talked into some Free-Diving/Spear-fishing on a trip I have set for the middle of September when the big Ling-Cod come into the shallows.I'm seeing the beginnings of a great friend-ship in the workings.You'll love this Craig....His wife is about 8 or 9 years older than he is,and a very loving women that looks very young for her age.He fits right in with us.
Heres the pics of my big one for today.

Mossy Oak Field Pro Staffer :eek:
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Looks like you have the perfect location for bowfishing ;D

Our creeks and lakes around here are always chocolate milk muddy in the spring. When they clear up in the summer, its 105 in the shade :'(

I've been up in Mo on lakes where they go out at night w/generators & floodlights to bow fish. That would be fun too ;D
Ohhh,we just getting started,this was slow by our measures,we found a weed bed out in the lake,that when the wind lays down,and it did for 20 minutes,they where everywhere,I blew up my real,I'll have another one here by tomorrow+Zebco is replacing the one I blew-up NO Questions asked,It'll be here in a few days this way I'll have a back-up,Friday it's supposed to hit 100 degree's on the lake with no wind,this should through them into a spawning frenzy,with a 200+ shot day ahead,I'll be resting till then. All I got's to do is line up the new real when it gets here tomorrow night,then I'm off at 5am Friday morning ;D Wish me luck,we've made a lot out of not much so far,it's supposed to get better :eek: I didn't sleep but 2.5 hours before that day,the norm for my excitement level ::) I'll try to get some more pics in Friday.
That night fishing is supposed to be a blast from what I've heard ;)
Looks like where both still carp'n.
Your shooting um,I'm puting hooks in um still.
The latest big'un weighted in @ 60 pounds.
Took a little over an hour on 17 pound test.
Wish ya was here, the Needle Nose Gar are up in the creek & running 4-7 feet long.
You'ed have a blast shooting 1 of them buddy.

By chance you seeing an Hawg Bass in the shallows? 10 pounders.
Oh Craig,I've seen some Bass in that lake that where so big...15 LB's++ I nearly drew on them,at first when you see something that big,your mind thinks carp right away,you get to about 1/2 draw before you realize your about to shoot a bass,not supposed to,but I've been looking for some big Cats ;D
This lake is known for Bass Tournaments,and big @$$-Bass.
All the big females are off there beds now,just a few males watching over a lot of newly hatched babies.
they just started hatching out last week.
Cool, thanks for the info on the lake as well.
You guys are haveing wayyyyy too much fun!
No Darn such thing out here in Cali-land ::)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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