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Tracking Dogs for finding Wounded Deer

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Hello, I have started a webpage to promote the use of
Leashed tracking dogs for finding wounded deer in the state
of Oklahoma. It is currently Illegal.
The website is huntok.net and then click under Oklahoma Deer
recovery. I have also started a poll on the huntok.net message board to
get some feedback on what other Oklahomans think about this
method of finding wounded deer. I am very interested in the
laws of our state and how they apply to hunting and fishing.
Feedback is welcome and I hope to get more information
on the website about tracking dogs in the very near future.
Also, I am training a tracking dog. I live in the OKC area and would be
interested in getting together with other people with tracking dogs.
to work artificial lines and share information.
Thank you,

Carey Sutterfield
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I for one,think it's a good idea.
Recovery of a game animal is far better then the lost of a game animal.
Just so everyone knows I gave the ok for this post..I think it is something that we as hunters should think about whether we agree or disagree with it..
I sure didn't know it was illegal....I actually have a dog and had told a friend of mine that the main reason was to try to train it to find downed deer...to me if it is on a leash and all we are doing is trying to find a deer that is dead or going to die...it's pretty well a no brainer...but we all know about some of our laws...I guess I would have to just get a ticket cause the last deer I lost, a pointer bird dog found it for me...it's been several years since I lost one but I"ll still use one if I think it will help....Most everyone knows that sickening feeling we get when we loose a deer....keep up the good work on getting it changed...
I'm all for it. I've spent a couple LONG nights crawlin through the river brush with a lanter lookin for any sign of blood. Anything to help recover a wounded animal sounds great to me.
Im all for it. Dont know why its illegal. As long as you dont have a pack out trying to chase em to ya. ;)
Even the regs say that the hunter should make every attemp to find a downed animal. Makes sense to me that a ranger could tell the difference in running deer from someone trying to find a deer.
Its illegal because of a group of poachers in SE Ok were using the "tracking dog" excuse to run deer and shoot them. That was years ago, and I for one think it should be legal.

The ODW should look at that law and at least create a license or something that a person would get so they can track a wounded animal. Maybe you'd have to notify the local ranger that you were going to use a dog to recover an animal?
I could see an opportunity for some individuals to start a business of tracking wounded animals for a profit. I know if I shot what I think is a trophy animal, I'd pay some bucks to have someone come out and let their dog find it.
I agree with Dennis there needs to be some regs involved so not every joe can just hop out with a dog and say they are tracking a wounded animal...Needs to be some sort of licensing involved or allow a business to be licensed to do it but not every hunter..If you start letting anyone it will get out of control and poachers will come out of the wood work and ruin it again..
I worked and hunted in the mountains of Virginia for 3 years. At that time, which was in the early 70's, all of the locals used dogs to hunt deer. This was legal but I didn't like it at all..it was very common to see a deer running with its tongue hanging out and dogs a couple of minutes behind it. truly not my style of hunting...BUT .I think we are talking about two different things...I believe we were talking about a dog on a leash which is a lot different from a pack of dogs chasing deer thru the woods...even if the dog is not on a leash...how many people in Southeastern Ok uses a bird dog to chase deer?....it just doesn't make sense for a yellow lab (which is what I have) to be illigal to take to the woods during deer season...as far a lincense....I for one feel the state has enough things to lincense us on...we sure don't need anymore...but all of this is just my opinion, which is like other things....everybody has one.....
Thanks to everyone for the great input so far.
The big obstacles to changing this regulation have been
brought out in this post.
How do we keep people from using tracking dogs to
chase deer for hunting purposes? A tracking dog
is no good at all if it will track a healthy deer.
This makes some kind of licensing procedure or
game warden notification a good compromise.
Some states require a tracking dog handler test
to become licensed. This makes sense but would
be an added cost and would be hard to sell.
Game warden notification seems like the logical way to
go but not sure how all of the game wardens would feel about it?
I do not think many handlers of tracking dogs are out to make a profit.
Most of us just enjoy using our dog and would just appreciate
an offer to pay for the gas. Even using a dog, most experienced
handlers only have 30 to 40% success rate. This is due to being
called on marginal hits where the deer will survive and also to being
called after the trail has been trampled over by the hunter.
Again, thanks for the support and the input.

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Glad we could help ya out.
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