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Trout fishing

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Went to Pawhuska lake Sunday afternoon for some trout fishing. I haven't been over there in a couple of years, because of all the extra work I've been having to do at the plant in the winter and spring. It wasn't crowded at all. They had their annual trout derby last weekend, that I couldn't attend, but I did catch a tagged fish. the first tagged fish I've ever caught. ;D Even though I knew I wasn't a winner, I did call over there to see what the prize would have been, and talked to a very nice guy that said it would have been a $50 gift certificate to the local ACE Hardware store. You can bet your last buck that $50 would have been easy for me to spend ;D
I had heard that they were stocking bigger trout in the lakes around the state, and I'd sure have to believe that now. :eek: We had some that were 16" or longer that weighed a little over a pound. Thats a keeper in anybody's book ;D
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Sounds like some good fishing to be had there for some great cooking sized trout!
Dennis, what a fishing trip...wo ho.

I didn't keep any of them. Gave them to my partner as they were going to have a fish fry with his crew at work. there is more to be had
I hear that.
We got a lake out here Denniss where the guy has a special strain of Sea-going steal-head/Rainbow & cutthroat.I showed you a pic of one once,3-5 pounders are at least once a day between now and April
Nothing under a LB except the F&G plants,He puts if about 60,000 lb's of fish in a fairly small lake,He allows now jet skis or water skiing,It's big enough and theres now speed limit but he keep it for the fishermen.My biggest,not the lake record mind you was 9.8 LB's this boy here was 7 & 1/2

I was about 100 LB's heavier them days to,that was about three years ago,and It get better every year,I know the guy who owns the lake Bruce Lockhart of Lake Amador,Ione,Ca.
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