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Varment hunters wanted:

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This is something you don't see very often..Someone actually asking for hunters to help out with coyote problems..It also may be a way for one of our members that needs a place to hunt to get their foot in the door..you never know they may also have a deer problem in the future...anyway....thought I would post it...Sasakwa ;D

I wasn't for sure if this would go in the hunting leases or the varmint hunting sections..I apologize if it's in the wrong area...I just wanted to make sure if any member is close to this area to at least be aware of it...

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This is a copy of what I sent.

Sir or Ma'am

My name is Steve Petersen and I'm sorry to hear about your coyote problem. I have chickens myself (Rhode Island Reds) and have been having problems with critters getting into the coop and taking all the food and messing things up. We lost one already and it broke my kids heart when my wife and I had told them. Given your problem of them being free ranging at the time the only thing you can do is keep them penned up behind a high fence as coyotes will jump.

However as your add stated your also asking for help in getting rid of the coyotes and that will be the best bet. I learned a long time ago that once they know of a quick easy meal they will only come back in numbers. I'm sure you have already received many e-mails from people asking to come get rid of them for you. I too can and will offer my help in getting rid of them AT NO COST TO YOU. You did not say how big of a place you lived on and if you had close by neighbors that will make a big difference in how to catch or get rid of them. I have hunted coyotes many times and have all the gear required to do so. I would be happy to come at NO COST and help. I will even help build a better enclosure if that is what you would rather do. You can contact me at this my work e-mail (Sunday-Thursday 9pm-7am) my home e-mail at [email protected] my home number is 405-605-1442 and my cell is 405-778-9791.

I live in SE OKC and am Active Duty Navy. I can provide you any reference you like if should choose to verify my credentials and character before having some strange person come to your home and help especially if armed if that course of action is what was decided upon.

Again I'm sorry you lost your chickens. Ours are more like pets to our three children than egg producers.

AD1(AW)Petersen, Steven P.
VQ-3 Power Plants ALPO
D/S 1 Assist S/L
Comm 405-739- 3489
DSN 884- 3489
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Get a reply yet?? Thats not far from where you live. Could turn out to be a sweet deal.
That IS where I live!! (Purcell) I saw the add, but dont have time to investigate. I'm bettin the neighbors dogs got out and had their way with the chickens, not very often will you see a pack of yotes out at 5 pm in 100 degree heat, 3 hours before dark.

Let me know if you get a reply, I am curious what really happened.
Let me know if you get a reply. I live about 20min from purcell and have been looking for some coyote hunting for a long time.
I haven't gotten a reply yet. Atleast not to my home e-mail or by phone. When I go into work tonight I'll see what I get as I had sent it from my work e-mail.
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