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Buddy of mine at work brought a video called Care and Processing of Venison by Bill Hesselgrave. It covers the whole process from field dressing to buthchering and wrapping the meat. His field dressing and skinning techniques are a bit different than what I have always done but seem to be okay. Where the big difference and what I liked is how he butchers the carcuss. He basically fillets the meat from the bones from neck to the middle and from the hips meeting in the middle on both sides. At no time does he cut into the bones or spinal colum of the deer. This is mainly for folks that have CWD to worry about, but it does leave a nice boneless piece of meat to carve up into the roasts and steaks. So if your new at processing your own deer, this would be worth watching and if you've done a lot of deer it is worth the look just to see another way of doing it.

Overall I give it a thumb and a half up.
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I used to process all my own deer, but the wife wouldn't eat any of it due to an issue with a little lamb she raised on the bottle(she was 4 yrs old) and then her dad killed it in front of her, wrapped it in white freezer paper and forced her to eat it. When we got married 18 yrs ago she was pretty much a vegetarian, only eating a little chicken now and then. Had to break her into being a carnivore again, but she still won't eat anything wrapped in white paper, so I get it all processed at a butcher and vac packed in celophane. She can do that. ???
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