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I went to Wal-Mart today to buy a Charles Daly field 3" 12 gauge semi auto.
Did all the paper work & things got better from their.
They put a Mossberg 935 12 gauge 3 1/2" semi auto into the Charles Daly box. ???
The Charles Daly was $314.00 with a 10% discount.$298.00 + Tax.$341.00.
Well their were 2 different prices going on at the time of cheek out.
Made me wounder a little $500.00-$298.00 ??? ???
When the store manager got to the truck,I ask him to stick around.
I opened up the box & seen the Mossberg inside.

We went back into the store & with all the mishap that happened.
I got the new Mossberg 935 12 gauge 3 1/2" for $341.00 in steed of the $500.00 sticker price. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Now the Mossberg 935 semi auto is only designed to shoot 3" & 3 1/2" 12 gauge shells.
I got home grabbing some dove loads of 2 3/4" 12 gauge shells & hit the field for a trail run.
Well, My new 935 will shoot 2 3/4" 12 gauge shells flawlessly !!! ;D

Now,I have a 12 gauge 3 1/2" Auto-loader that will shoot it all from 2 3/4" to 3" to the ultimate 3 1/2" Magnums.

I love what happened to me today @ Wal-Mart. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Here is my new toy..thanks to Wal-Mart...
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Hee hee hee, sometimes it does pay to shop at Wally World. Should have gotten 'em to throw in some shells while you was at it.
You LUCKY DOG!!! ::) :eek: I hope you know you just used up ALL your hunting luck for the next year!!! ;D ;D ;D
Bird, I did.
I set up a 100 pack of federal dove loads on the counter & didn't get charged for them.
Got a new $500.00 shotgun for $341.00 & 100 rounds of free ammo.
Just cant beat that deal.

Gotta love wally world.
Farmboy, with luck on my side like today..this hunting season should be a great 1.

I cant wait to put the new shotgun to some doves here soon.
Heck of a deal!! Finally somebody got to them ;) ;D
I absolutly hate our walmart. The sporting goods section used to be pretty good with 4 aisles. New manager likes paint ball, so now we have 1 1/2 aisles with crap that nobody wants. I'm heading to OKC tomorrow to get some ammo for my .380, and 243WSSM and reloading supplies they don't and won't carry. :mad:

They ran everybody else out of town
Dennis ,where do you go for your supply's @ in OKC?
Since the Bass Pro is having a sale right now on the Winchester Supreme Ammo for 243WSSM (the only one that curently markets that ammo) that is cheaper than the same ammo at Sports mans Warehouse I might get a box or two that normally retails at $32 for a box of 20 + tax for the 50 round break-in they require to meet the guarentee.
but, I'll have to make a stop at Sports mans warehouse to get more brass, powder, and primers to reload the empty's. The 243WSSM/223WSSM Started out with great reviews but got a bad rap for barrel erosion, but that was by those "that thought they know it all" before the cartridges even hit the market because the "know it all" group were just sure they "know it all". Guess what, They have found out that those calibers will surpass the .22/250 by 1000 rounds before barrel erosion becomes an issue. Go to the Browning web site, and there is a special section that gives all the data. ;)

Now for the ballistics... the 243WSSM is only 200FPS faster than the .243. Yep, not much difference for speed. The difference is that in an AR Platform, it is a short action vs a long action for the standard .243. In a bolt gun, I'd be happy with the standard .243 if I already had one in the safe, but since I don't and want a short action AR, and my desire for a rifle that will shoot a 55 grain bullet @ 4150 feet per second which is legal for prarie dog to whitetail deer, it fits my defintion for an "all around rifle". For that matter I can go with the 30-06 I have and load anything from the 90 grain to the 220 grain. But in my opinion....you can never have too many options ;) ;D ;D
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Dennis, most of the wsm's & wssm's are running about 200 f.p.s. faster & around 100-200 more ft.lb of energy.
I have not seen where it really makes a difference from the long action calibers.
Just more pricey in the ammo.

The Remington short & long action super magnums seem to be more versititle .
The Power level Ammo.

If Winchester did the same for their wsm & wssm ammo.
It would be a level ahead of Remington.Since Remington only has Magnum Calibers & not the Varmite calibers.

They are all good calibers none the less.

Dennis, you are right about the know it all's when the calibers first came out.
Both Browning & Winchester Rifles could not make a barrel that would last for any length of time.
You had to buy a Green Mountain Barrel for your rifle back then for it to last you.

Browning & Winchester got the kinks out now.

If you go to Bass Pro Shops,Say hello to Mason form us all.
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Dennis today would have been a good one for you to stop in.
I did nothing all day, I will find my load for the wssm and pm it to you they are nice.
I was at Bass pro today Mason. I thought you had already left for the Chain Ranch Manager job? I would have asked for you. Bass pro is real proud of me today. Dropped almost $700 in there today. My bow hunting is taking a new direction this year because of the bicep tendon repair that prevents bow hunting with a conventional bow. More about that in another post as soon as I can get some pics.
When I got to the bow counter, I talked to them about what I was interested in and the guy at the counter got a new one out of the box, and put it together. When the wife and I left with it, I forgot to get the owners/instruction manual and the warranty card from them. I guess I can email them and get it sent to me. ???
I was real impressed with the guys at the bow counter. Very helpful and knew what they were talking about. I'm going to email the store tomorrow about the owners manuals, and I'll be sure to brag on those guys.
Looks like some of us, all got new toys for this year. ;D ;D ;D
Yep ;) ;D ;D Its been a banner year ;)
all I can say is sometimes Gauge you are one lucky SOB...:p
I know ;D . J/K
I'm just to happy about their mistake.
My gain their lose.

I'll let ya shoot it when ya come down in Sept.
I'm sure you will want to go get one for yourself after shooting it.
our walmart doesn't even carry guns and we have 1 aisle for hunting stuff that's it!! :mad:
I know.
The Duncan Wal-Mart got the shaft when; Wal-Mart said only a select amount of stores will carry guns anymore.

That Sux's chazk9...You have to go to a major gun store to get your stuff their in Duncan.
Danny's Guns & Murfs better known as Smurfy bros. :D ;D
I still go to Duncan and shop both gun shops.
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