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Watch the eagles

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OG&E has been sponsoring an eagle cam for the last two years on a pair that nest on Sooner Lake. Here is a link where it talks about it, and you can watch the eagles.

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Cool,I have it on my front page from last year.Looks like 3 eggs ;) It was great watching the grow up last year.
It was going to be better this year as a camera was mounted to look right down into the nest and get a birds eye view, but one stinking lightning strike hit it, and took it out. That would have been real interesting to have seen that,....but there is next year
I didn't know you put it up Dennis,I love Bald Eagles,even have one Tattooed on my right arm,I've spent whole vacations observing them in there habitat.
Guess i'll have to view it tomarrow morning.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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