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waterfowl dogs...

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Ok question..Other then a Lab or a Chesapeake what other dog breeds make good waterfowl dogs? I am looking at a Weimaraner?? Basically my wife doesn't want a Lab and wants a dog that will also be protective by nature...So far Weimaraner's are the only ones that seem to have a protective instinct that can also be used as a duck dog..
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Brittany's can be used as a duck dog, but I don't think they have a protective trait in their body. They'd rather lick a stranger to death than bite
A {Chesapeake Bay Retriever} is a very protective species of dog.
They were left alone to guard the hunters boats & ducks for market, when the hunter went into town to cash in.
They have the bit force of a pitbull if need be.

Labs are protective as well, maybe not to the point or level of a Cheasy but close.
My Black Lab went thru the window after someone before guarding the house while me & the wife were gone shopping.

Weimaraner's don't have the coat needed for the cold water.
Only weimaraner,I knew that hunted was for hogs.

You get ya a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and your all good on both ends.
The 3, I had owned never took crap off of any other dog & were always on guard of me & my stuff.

Ask Greg, he will tell you the same about the breed.
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Ok I'll pass the info onto my wife.. I really want a waterfowl dog so a chesapeake will work out just fine..
Those chessies also make good blood trailing dogs. Our friends moved back here from Georgia a couple of years ago. They are big into bow hunting, and trained their chessie to blood trail. Its legal in Georgia, but not in Okla. I sure wish they would change the law to allow somebody to be licensed by the ODWF to retrieve dead animals. That person could charge for the service, and would make a nice part-time job during deer season. I know if I stuck a deer and it ran and it might be the only deer I get all season, I'd pay somebody to retrieve it.
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