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Weatherby Rifle { Scam }

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Just wanted to let ya'all know about a scam in buying a Weatherby rifle.
If you happen to find a stamped or etched x/Or X on the bolt of one.
Don't buy it.

Why ya might ask?
Well they are a second,something didn't cheak out & the gun will not work properly.

A gun dealer hear localy was sold 3 of them at a gun show brand new.
He got ripped off. He found out about the scam from another gundealer who was his friend who also got scamed @ the same gun show.
Its not just gun shows, its actual dealers to as well.

So, if your thinking about buying a Weatherby Rifle look at the bolt before ya buy it.
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I wonder if that is some foreign countries knockoff? How did it get thru the Consumer Product Safety Commission?? Weatherby has a huge reputation
I know.
Most of these 2nd weatherbys are coming out of gunshows.
Yet some are been sold to other gun dealers @ gun stores.

You are proply right Dennis.They are more likley coming from over seas.
Weatherby ranks to high in the gun world.

The gun dealer,I spoke with who got scammed.Said all were Weatherby Vanguards.
Hummm wonder if they were Wally World turn in's that got X marked on them to be repaired or destroyed and the shipment got stolen and sold to gunshow dudes. Aren't the Vanguards the ones W-mart sells?
You may have a point on the wally world issue, but you can buy vanguard anywhere. Its not exclusive to them.
Exactly. You can buy a vanguard from anywhere.
Another gun dealer ordered a weatherby vanguard for a customer.
When the gun came in it was a second.
That weatherby vanguard is still been traced back to where it first got shipped from.

When,I hear more news about this scam.I let ya'all know.
Well it looks like most of the seconds have been found, over 200 rifles so far.
I was told to keep an eye out for the x /or X still on the bolt @ least for awhile longer.

Gun shows & Dealers may still get one here and their for awhile yet.
So, keep your eyes out, if you decided you want to buy a new weatherby rifle.
Well guess I'll just have to keep drooling over the new Remington AR in .308.
Bird the AR-15 or the AR-25 Rem?
The R-25, put my mitts on one whilst browsing at Academy yesterday. Pretty sweet, only thing I didn't like was the look of the trigger. Looks kind of plasticy but the gun did feel good tho.
Browse Accruracystems.com ;)
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