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To everyone of yall that have either quit smoking or dipping or both...Congratulations...tobacco is such an adictive drug..I was smoking 2 packs a day...that was over 30 years ago...I quit smoking but started dipping...my lungs were better but my gum line was receeding..then I finally was able to quit dipping..man it was tough..it is amazing how such a little thing can change a persons life..I'm like Dennis..smoke never seemed to bother me...now I just can't be around much of it...same with dipping...I use to dip at least 2 cans a day and now I can hardly stand to smell it...but it is just a really tough thing to do...and so once again...congratulations to everyone that has quit...and to everyone that are still using it but trying to quit..just remember that you didn't get addicted to it in one day and you sure can't get off of it in one day....hang in there and never quit trying...hell..go outside and scream or bawl or both...do whatever it takes....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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