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For three of the past 4 years I have hunted with Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitter's. (WOTO) Oklahoma deer, elk, turkey, hog, and predator hunting | Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters or Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters

The first year I hunted with WOTO I got a nice medium size 8 pt. But better than that, my wife, on her very first ever deer hunt got a very nice 8 point-bigger than any white tail I had ever taken.

Opening morning this year found me sitting in a enclosed quadpod about 8 feet of the ground over looking what looked like recently sprouted winter wheat. Two-hundred yards away across the wheat was a corn feeder. I was taken out and dropped off at the blind an hour before sun up. This early drop off gave me time familiarize myself with the blind, and let things quiet down. I was briefed on most favored direction to see deer and reminded to be sure to check behind me. I choose to sit the entire day.

Shortly after settling in, about 50 or 60 yards, directly to my front I could see a shadow. Looking at it with my binoculars I could tell it was deer and it had horns, but could tell nothing beyond that. It was still 15 to 20 minutes before legal shooting light and too dark to see well.. While watching this shadow I noticed movement at the feeder. I turned looked through my binoculars and saw something big and white at the feeder.. I turned back to the shadow deer and it was gone.

I kept watching the white object at the feeder until it got light enough to see it was a hog. I watched as it got lighter, until suddenly the hog bolted when cattle started coming out of of the brush behind the feeder. The cattle came out the brush and fed by me and out into the field behind me.

Late in the afternoon, the cattle fed back around me to the brush behind the feeder. A sounder of hogs came to the feeder. But no deer were seen.

When I went back to the lodge that evening I learned that five of the other hunters had taken deer. Here are a couple. I also suggest you take a look at the face book page for others.

Wood Fawn Asphalt Road surface Grass

and another

Sky Tree Wood Plant Tail

On day two I went back to the same blind. Again I was in way early. About 7am just before sunrise and just after legal shooting light I saw a shadow about 50 yards to my front left. I looked at it with my binoculars and could see it was a small buck--not something I wanted to shoot. I lowered my binoculars and there was a second buck, a very obvious bigger buck slowly walking behind the first buck- "where the heck did he come from?"

I grabbed up my rifle and started to aim in. Two problems, first because of access out the shooting window and direction of deer, I to had aim right handed-I am left handed. Second because of cataract surgery several years ago my left eye was made dominate. Looking through the scope with my right eye, every thing was fuzzy. I aimed as best I could and squeezed off the shot.

The first little buck bolted and ran. The second buck, just keep slowly walking. I wasn't sure if the deer was hit or not. I never heard the bullet impact.

I opened my bolt and thought i saw the fired case eject, I tried close the bolt, but a new loaded round would not chamber. I had a cartridge case head separation and the front half of the cartridge case was still in the chamber. I could not load and fire.

I sat there frustrated as I watched this buck slowly walk away. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. As I was watching the deer, he was suddenly gone. I didn't see him fall, I didn't see him run off-just in an eye blink he was gone, not there.

I sent the Guide/Outfitter a text reporting what happened. Their pre hunt briefing was to not leave the blind, note where you saw the deer when you shot and where you last saw it. Take picture's if you can. Once the guides arrived they would do the tracking. But emphasis was do not get out the blind. I didn't.

This is where I last saw the deer.

Plant community Plant Sky Natural landscape Tree

About 100 yards out somewhat on the line to the left of the clump of trees center picture and to the right of the lone tree across the pond was were the deer was when it disappeared. As the guides walked out I redirect them on line until they found the deer. Boy was I pleased.

Hunting Deer hunting Sky Trophy hunting Plant

This my best Whitetail. I have taken several in past, but not this big.

The guides never found a drop of blood. In the field looking at the wounds, they were convinced it was gut shot. When they dressed it, they found it was liver shot and not hit in the stomach at all, thus no blood trail.

Sky Hunting Deer hunting Hat Trophy hunting

This deer would have made a nice shoulder mount, but has a broken point, I most likely, will just do a European mount.

Elk Deer Wood Horn Natural material

This hunt was conducted near Mountain View in Kiowa County, Oklahoma. 2 hours drive away from where I live in Edmond. We tried to contact a local meat processer but he didn't answer the phone. So I decided to take the animal to Sallee's in Guthrie about 10 miles from my house. Home - Sallee Meat Processing I was aware that they are very popular and limit how many carcasses they take in a day. The guides field dressed my deer and loaded it in the back of my truck and I was on my way. At 10:55am I arrived and was number 22 in line waiting at Salle's to drop my deer. By 11:30 I was number 12 in line.

After taking my deer, I could have stayed and continued hunting coyotes, hogs and doe's if I wanted. This is a plus part of the package, especially for out of state hunters.

Sky Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Window

About a month after I booked my hunt with WOTO, I was able to sign on to lease. I could have cancelled this hunt, but did not. I knew this would be good hunt and was not to be disappointed.

Accommodations are a big ranch house. You may share a room with other hunters if you aren't in a party. Food is good. Sweet rolls, breakfast bars and donuts for breakfast, sandwiches for a lunch. And a big casserole for dinner, steaks another. I missed the steaks this year. This is class operation.

If you are interested in an outfitted Trophy whitetail hunt I suggest you contact Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters. Outfitter Brett Carden, Guides Jack Carden and Josh Thoma will take real good care off you and work very hard to get you a trophy whitetail.

I highly recommend them.

My Gun was a custom 98 Columbian FN Mauser. Barrel was a Donnelly barrel personally inspected and approved by Parker Ackley. Ackley also approved of the chamber 338-06 Improved. Stock is Oregon Myrtlewood. Trigger by Timey. Scope is a 3.5 x10 Leupold. Handloads use Sierra 250 grain SPBT bullets. I built the gun as one of my three custom rifle projects in college in 1984.

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A follow-up to this report...

As reported, I had a case head separate. When I got home I was in need of some method to remove the broken case-I used a bore snake.

The case that separated was a 338-06 IMP case.

I used a bore snake for ,416-45/70. I dropped the snake in from the chamber end and pulled it through until the brush section jammed tight in the neck. Then I simply grabbed the loop at tend of the snake and jerked it, pulling the cord and stuck case back out of the chamber.

Textile Wood Automotive tire Eyewear Jewellery

Despite the case separating, the bullet still did its part and I will have venison on my table this winter.

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Awesome writing, congrats!

I shot a coyote off-hand not too long ago at about 110 yards with a 5.56. It was a liver shot as well.

The yote took off at a dead run for about 60 yards after spinning a circle. He then slowed dramatically to a walk and weaved a few steps like a drunkard before disappearing from view. I found him another 20 yards further. There was some blood, but it was minimal.
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