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What I call really stuck

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Why there's your problem, you can't rock it back and forth standin' outside on top of the cab, fer cryin out loud.
I'd say thats what I call being really DUMB :-*
Stuck~ more like dunked.
What a day not to forget.
He didnt hit it hard enough!! ;D ;D Looks like he missed the road. I would have like to have seen that happen.
Me too.
I have actually seen a truck get stuck like this..but it was at the river in some nice quick sand...needless to day I think the truck is still there somewhere under ground..:) That truck had to have sat there for some time to actually sink like that...just hitting a deep mud pit won't sink that deep for awhile..or at least I don't think it possible...:) Who knows though...
Ya know the more I look at that pic the more it looks doctored...
I'm not sure if it was Dr'd or he just drove into a mud river at night and didn't see it 'cause he was going to fast to stop,if you look it blew ot most of the windows..Like I said just a dumb move :D
Judging by the trash on his mirror, I would say that he got stuck and then the water came up and silted in the truck...I loaned a 14 foot boat to a guy one time that lost it in the south canadian river..the boat was found a few weeks later about 10 or 12 miles down stream...only about a foot was sticking up above the sand...it had just silted in..we didn't even try to recover it...
I think the truck has been there for a while. There are water marks on the tank and trash on the door like water has been runing over it and he is standing on solid ground. I think someone drove into flood waters and got washed away. duuuuuuuuuuuuumb
I did see first hand a pulling unit truck that went off a bridge into the Canadian River near Wanette and it hit in quick sand. Before a crane truck got there it had sunk to just about where the only thing showing was the derrik.

In Salt Creek behind my moms house is/was the remains of a 30ft tall steel bridge that is completly silted under now. When I was a kid about 10 ft stuck up from the creek bed, now it's gone!
It looks like it silted in after going off the road or something to me as well. I'd say it had been there awhile as the guy is not sinking in the mud at all.
And there's no tracks on the far bank behind the truck.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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