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What is your biggest buck?

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Lets hear it, what is the largest buck you have killed? Points, Score or Photo. Its only March and I'm already thinkin bout deer huntin again ;D

Here is mine, 10 point, 164lbs dressed, 11/18/06, 300 win mag, 35yds

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hehheehe,We get to start Bow hunting on the coast I believe in July this year ;D Going to beat ya to it!!!
Whitetail,Muley or Blacktail ? Farmboy
Suprise me, you little over achiever! ;D ::) ;D
I got a mid 170 class Whitetail & a 144 class Muley/Colubian Blacktail mix.
Also have a 180 class in the garage.
The light'n in the living room is no good right now.
I'll take their pic's tomarrow.
Here is the 160 class minus deductions 145 non-typical class 14 point, I shoot back in 2000.
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Here is the biggest Whitetail...10 point.
Score was 166 3/8" after deductions.

Muley/Colubian Blacktail Mix 3x2. Pic ain't that great.
Score was 144 after deductions.
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Nice!! What state did the whitetail come from?
Farmboy, Oklahoma.
My friends private land in Kiowa County.
I guess me and Gauge are the only ones that ever killed a buck?
:D I guess :D
I have a couple. I don't have a pic here for the biggest, but here are a couple that I keep at work.

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Though's are nice bucks Dennis.
Yes sir! Nice indeed! They let you hang those at work?? :mad: Thats it, I quit! Gotta find a job like THAT! ;D ;D
I see the Turkey Fan too. Maybe it's just a tail feather.
10 point killed 2005 150 lbs dressed. Killed his brother a 9 point in 2006

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Nice 10 pointer ;) ibokie
Yes sir! Nice indeed! They let you hang those at work?? :mad: Thats it, I quit! Gotta find a job like THAT! ;D ;D
I have my bobcat mounted right next to them. ;D
The company doesn't care. I've been told that over at the Muskogee plant, they have a control room that is no longer used, and several peoople have brought, and hung mounts in there from fish to african animals. ;D
Really nice buck obokie! :eek:
ibokie ~ God lookin deer you got there, where you kill him at?

Dennis ~ Your killin me here man!
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