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what'd you get for fathers day

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Just wanted to know what everyon got for fathers day. I got my wife and daughter to get out and go camping with me. Had a blast. I also got a remington 870 super mag. Guess I must have been a good dad this year.
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Hmm I don't think I got anything except hmm well didn't get anything actually....lol I did get a happy fatthers day but nothing more..That's ok my wife let's me buy all sorts of toys for the jeep with no fuss so I won't complain....Plus I ordered new rims, and front and rear springs..:)
Wow! Rfreeman, you were really good last year :eek: :eek:

Our kids are starting their lives now, and if we need/want anything we just go get it, so we have given them strict orders to not get anything, but their company for the day. Good food, and good company.
I did find a couple of gift cards slid under my trout creel/table lamp after they left though. Durned kids still won't mind....where did I go wrong ???
I got a BBQ'ed- Elk T-Bone dinner & all the fixings plus a beer or two or 6 maybe :D ;D.
Not to bad for been just a step dad ha?
Sounds like there were a few good daddies in the group here. I got a handgun safe and a really neat card, plus the best part a big hug and an I luv ya from the daughter! Oh yeah the second and maybe the biggest part, I'm gonna be a grand pappy!
Well congrates to ya- Terry.
Thank ya, sir. Couple of years and I just might have a new hunting buddy tagging along. ;D
Congrats Grampa! ;D
We'll go get him or her their 1st Turkey.
Congrats bird sounds like you have a new partner coming..:) The wife and I decided once I started back to school no gifts for one another till I graduated and had a job...So I normally don't get anything for any days such as fathers day, bday or xmas...I just get the joy of spending time with the wife and kids and so forth..Occasionally I get to hit the golf course for a day of beer and 19th hole chatter..;) The golf part is just an excuse to get out with a couple buds and have a few beers and attempt to hit a small white ball..:) Honestly I'd rather just take the shot gun and have someone hit the ball while I try to shoot it but well city law enforcement doesn't seem to like that concept..:)
The golf part is just an excuse to get out with a couple buds and have a few beers and attempt to hit a small white ball..:)
Cow pasture pool is what my dad always called the game of golf ;D
Thanks for the congrads, ya'll. Gonna be fun taking the new lil one out fishing, hunting or just about anything else.

Yep, ya gotta like golf, only place where you can drink and drive and not get a ticket!
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