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Whats your favorite style shotgun?

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What do yall like? Semi auto, pump, single, over under, or side by side?

I gotta say, all things considered, PUMP
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I like um all, but the O/U. I can't hit anything with the bottom barrel.
The pump is the most reliable of them all.
I can shoot them all great, but that O/U I can't hit chit with.
My favorite is the SxS Browning box lock 20 Gauge that is still at Mom & Dad's.Thank heavens.
SxS that's mine.
Mine has always been the SXS. I shoot the straight english style stocks the best, and really like the double triggers. This is the Weatherby Althena D'Italia I got about two years ago.

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Very nice piece you have their Dennis.
Weatherby's are no dought @ the top of the list for SxS & O/U'ers.
Sweet shotgun Dennis, I need me one of those :eek:
I still don't shoot any shotgun better than the very first 870 that I used almost 30 years ago. Wish I still had it. Had to have a 1100 auto and didn't kill near the quail that I did with that old pump. Got a newer 870 but it just doesn't fit the same. I like the new thumbhole turkey pump guns but wouldn't be worth a darn for quail hunting. I like the pump guns.
I still own every shotgun that I evolved with in my hunting life with exception of a Browning gold. I couldn't hit the side of a barn with that thing, and traded it with a buck or two for a Browning Citori, Upland grade O/U, with straight english stock that fits me like a glove. I have single shots, pumps, auto's, O/U's, and SXS's. Each gets used for a specific purpose. ;D
Pump here

I like and hunt with em all. Except a side by side. I bought one on clearance at Wally World a few years back and took it dove hunting. I couldnt even draw a feather. Put it away, got out the buttery smooth Ithaca 16 ga. and never missed. I think the 2 barrels side by side were freaking out my eyes.
Well atm all I have is a pump action Mossberg 835..Although I am about to start looking at a semi auto 12 gauge..
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