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I visit several other forums, and have noticed/experienced the shortage of ammo, and reloading components.
Some are in a frenzy to buy because they are afraid ammo is going to be taxed into the atsmosphere and no longer available.
Others are thinking that the assault weapons ban is coming back.

Others are buying everything they can to resell at a major profit.

Some are totally amazed at the stupidity of the gun public.

Which are you??

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Personally, I'm in the market for a Tarus Judge with a 3" barrel, in stainless.

I got an email from a gunshop that I was on a waiting list for this gun. They wanted over $100 above the MSRP. :eek: :mad:

I guess I fall into the "I'm not stupid" category.

I had told them before they ordered it that I would only purchase it if it was "resonably priced"

Guess He is stuck with something.

What really PMO is that I can't even go to that piece of crap wallyworld and get any .22 ammo, yet I can go to these websites and buy it for 3X the price it should be.

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In my biz lately I have had ppl call me up wanting to buy 100K of 223 brass, 40K of 9mm ect ect ect. I believe a lot of ppl are panic buying at the moment and that is hurting everyone. My cost has gone up quit a bit since the election but I have still yet to raise my prices at my shop. I run a small operation as you have seen but I do have a pretty good group of loyal customers that know I am not trying to get rich on their sweat.

As far as hoarding goes I have less than a 1K of ammo for all of my guns combined not counting .22lr. I am talking about loaded ammo here. I believe that those that are hoarding it are just as much of a part of the problem as those that are charging 75% more than they were in October.

I saw this post on another forum that I am on and thought of it when I read your question. I believe this is quit re lavant to the current question.

"For those that are having a hard time figuring out how there could be an ammo and component shortage here is a quick math lesson.

Lets assume that there are 500,000 gun owners who want to buy .380 ammo. Each major manufacture produces around 200,000 rounds of .380 ammo each day (that number is assumed as well). So, based on that, one major manufacture creates one round of ammo for each owner every 2.5 days. So, a box of 50 rounds for each owner will take 125 days to produce. Now lets say there are 7 major manufactures of .380 ammo (Federal, Speer, Remington, Winchester, Fiocchi, Wolf and S&B). That means that we can divide that 125 days by 7 which means that there will be one box of 50 rounds for each owner every 18 days.
Now, if you buy 5 boxes when you find them, you just made 4 other people wait another 18 days until theirs are available again.

Same thing goes for any other type of ammo or component.

Just do the math."

Well thanks for taking the time to read some Saturday morning ramblings.


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Plus factor in the big increase in new gun owners since last Sept who all are buying ammo for their new guns.

Dennis, I've seen plenty of the Judges in OKC area. Might give Big Boys or H&H a call for prices.
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