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Where have they gone?

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I went over to my turkey grounds over the last weekend, and saw not a single track in the wheatfield, or down in the timber. Nothing ??? ???
The flock that stays around the house all winter, and spring, have left as well ::) ::)

I'm thinking somebody has put up some feeders and drew them off of me. :mad:
I busted a deputy sherriff and his son for trespassing during muzzleloading season. Said he wasn't hunting, but they both had guns in their arms. Cost them a couple hundred each. ;D

They have a lease that borders up on me, so it wouldn't suprise me that they aren't the ones. :mad:
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That sucks...Go put feeders on their fence line to draw em on your land...:)
Soory to hear about that Dennis.
I got Turkeys out the wau zu around here.
So far in 3 weeks I've seen over 20 bearded hens & 4 that are double beards.
Close to 1200 birds just with in 15 minute from the house....Man they are thick like ticks in these parts.

Gonna be out at first light to take the grand daughter out for the youth hunt.
She should be done by 8:00 a.m if all go's well..she has a bow & a shot gun.
She's all set but the turkey.
Dennis, yep that chaps me arse when the ones suppose to uphold the law bust it the biggest.
Dennis, yep that chaps me arse when the ones suppose to uphold the law bust it the biggest.
Me too. I've seen him and he has seen me in his patrol car a couple of times. I would have probably figured I'm a marked man except for the reason that his boss and I have socialized a few times, and I told his boss about that situation, and how uncomfortable I was about it.
Should have cost them there JOBs...Scumb Bags :-X
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