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Who else...

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Hate's this time of the year?

It just about to the point that is too hot outside to do anything anymore.
I hate the wait for the cool down & Dove Season to roll around.
The fishing will slow down here soon as well :mad: :mad:.
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I'm with ya on that. Summer in OK stinks!! If the sun isnt burnin ya down, the T-Storms are tryin to blow ya away. I'm about ready to head for the mountains!! ;D
Alaska is where,I perfer to be this time of year ;D
Alaska. Never been there, but if the wife has anything to say about it, we may get up there this year or next for a vacation ;D Been a dream of mine. ;)
Gauge ~ ME TOOOO!!!

Dennis ~ I went to Alaska last year, 7 day cruise, I recommend it to anyone who likes to see wild, awsome country. Prettiest place I've ever seen! I would go again in a second.
I lived & guided in Alaska for 4 years for Fish & Game.
I'd give anything to go back & Stay this go around.
Well at least get back to Alaska for another Moose.

Once ya been their, it's the hardiest thing ya'll have to do? "Go back home".
I've had several opportunities to go up there in the Military, but for one reason or another something else always came up. I was on a team that did communication equipment audits, and got to travel to lots of places but Alaska just never happened :'(

My wife keeps talking about a cruise, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;)
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