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Who is putting in for the Elk draws this year ?

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Gonna give it a whril this year.
It been 4 years now since,I put in for the 1 here in the refuge.
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I have been applying since the very early 70's, and never been drawn. Never missed a year to enter even while stationed overseas. Told the 1st Sgt I might have to go AWOL for a week, but, I'd be back. ;) My buddy has also, and he drew out 3 years ago. I went with him as his helper, and was shocked to see that in my middle 50's I was one of the young pups. :eek: One guy was in his 80's, and the other in his 90's. They both had cow tags, and both took a cow. ;D Most were in their 60's, with only 3 or 4 that were 30 somethings. One guy had never put in before, and drew a bull on his first time to enter :mad:
Yep, I'll put in again this year. I only sign up for bulls since its a once in a lifetime draw.
I'll put in again as well. If you don't put in you'll never get drawn. Let's see this will be year 16 or 17.
is there a certian age and where do you put in at
I always forget and then kick myself later, guess I'll try and remember this year.
Good to see ya back on the boards.

Check the Okla Dept of Wildlife website. That's where you put in for draw hunts. They have several youth hunts (14-16yrs old) as well as all the other hunts. The site will have info on all the requirements for each hunt available.

I'm with you Dennis..Bull Only..U only get 1 chance to do it.
Maybe when I hit 80 or so I'll put in for a cow :'(
Dennis, Lets hope not.
This will probably be my 30th year...I will never stop trying...I had the opportunity to go with my brother in law several years ago and help him retrieve his elk and if a guy ever gets tired of applying then all I have to do is remember the bulls I saw on that trip....I've mixed emotions on the cow tag...a guy here at work went on a cow hunt last fall...Had a really good hunt and create some life long memories...BUT.......it was a cow.....and to me it would be really hard to set and watch tropy bulls go by in hopes of taking a cow....but I must admit...it gets really old to set and watch others get drawed and not me......for 30 years not me.........but whatever.......
Sure hope,I don't have to wait 30 years or better...I will if, I got ta though.
I'm not a trophy hunter by no means but for this hunt I want horns, big 'uns!
Ya know I need to get in on an Elk draw hunt..Are there any that are open to the public? Only one I know of is on Ft Sill...I need to go look on the site I guess..:)
The also have a drawing for pushmataha WMA. Its a bull only in the past, and they only draw one permit. I still put in for it though ;D
lol I am guess there aren't many draw hunts on pub land then for elk..
Okchunter... www.wildlifedept.com The draw hunts are offered every year & coming up soon.
It cost $5.00 to put in for Elk,Deer,Turkey and so on...$5.00 will let you choise everything you want to draw for.
Yeah I know about those just for some reason I thought elk draws were all on Ft Sill or private land or something..I am signing up for a couple deer hunts this year and may sign up for an elk if the dates are all good for my schedule.
Cool deal.
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