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Who wants to have a Turkey contest this Spring ?

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Turkey must be weighted on a scale with a pic to prof.
Beard & Spur length on a ruler or measuring tape with photo of prof.

Just a friendly contest.
Heavest Bird.
Biggest Spurs.
Biggest Beard or muti beards.
Highest scoring bird too.

Who wants in ? Do's anyone want to team up as well,In 2 Man Teams ?

Idea's guys ??

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I'd like to get in on the turkey contest.
Before we officially start it, let me post the rules of another forum I hang out on where you get an official NWTF record book type score like the Boon & Crockett scores for deer/elk. We can hash it out after that and see what would be the most fun for the group.

I would also be willing to donate a custom turkey striker to the overall winner, whom ever that may be, using whatever rules we come up with. ;D
Im in. I want Gauge and Dennis on my team. LOL

That would be great to score them like the N.W.T.F. do's.
Post the how too's ok.
I want mine scored after it comes out of the fryer.....yummm yum!
:D :D :D Good ole' Bird
Which Bird, me or the fried turkey???? :D ;D
:D he he he... ya know which 1.
here are some of the rules, and the method of scoring. This is all subject to change by the members in the contest to make it as fair and fun as possible.

You will abide by all state turkey hunting regulations to harvest a legal Spring turkey in order to have it entered into this contest. Contest is only open to Harvesting a turkey with a bow or shotgun ONLY! A rifle is beyond fair chase.

5. You will be judged in this contest on your best bird. If multiple birds are taken we will use your best score.

6. Pictures required.

a. You with the bird harvested
b. A picture of the beard laying along side a ruler to clearly show the length,
c. a picture of a ruler next to each spur.
d. And all measurements posted such as;
i. Wt
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That is Beautiful, Dennis.
I never got a tom bigger then a double beard.
That's awesome & congrates on a fine bird.

last year was one heck of a year for me turkey hunting. I got the triple beard,and then a week later got a double beard. Probably never see another year like that. ;D
So like I said Gauge and Dennis are on my team

Very nice award Dennis.

Thanks! its on the mantle and will stay there. I consider it artwork, especially with all the handwork involved in making it. :eek:
Dennis, It's a true work of art.
You had a hell of a Spring last year.
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