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for spring turkey season?????...where will you be hunting this year???...any plans to travel???

I will be hunting in Tennessee and Illinois for sure...either Texas or Oklahoma...possibly South Dakota or Flordia

MAN, I am so pumped...is it time yet????????

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I'm ready. I'll miss two weeks of it due to a plant shutdonw/overhaul, but should get in plenty of hunting I hope.
Don't know if I'll travel too much, but one never knows. ;)

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I'm ready as well,Since goose season gonna close here in another few weeks.
Travel yes, but not far from home.45 minute max drive time.
Hope to see & hunt with ya here TNGOBBBLER this spring.
Have a few places lined up & hope to have a few more before the season.
I plain to hunt every chance,I get.Well till,I kill my 3 @ least. ;D
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