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Winchester/Hevi-Shot/& Remington HD Wingmaster Ammo Rebates:

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Wanted to let ya'all know about the BIG rebates going on right now @ www.macksprairiewings.com

Save up to $15.00 a box & as much as $150.00 off a case.
one case,I looked @ after the rebate will cost you only $120.00 something.
What a discount on high priced ammo.
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No kidding!!!! At that kind of savings you can't afford not to go hunting.
Yes I want more ammo now
Yes I want more ammo now
Welcome to Oklahoma Hunter! ;D
Darn work internet! :( I'll have to try to see it at home.
Thats a good deal!
That offer was almost 4 years ago.
Well we are bringing it back!!!!
Good luck with that buddy.
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