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Farmboy~ with #4960 { 10 pack of Turkey Targets }. Congrates.

Bird~ with #350327 { Turkey Locator Call }. Congrates.

Ok you two;I need you to send me a p.m. with your address's.
I'll take the zip codes to the post office & contact you with a shipping fee.
I'll send you my address to send me your shipping fee's.
Once;I recieve payment for shipping cost..you will be mailed you prizes.

Congratulations to the both of you again.
Remember you two have 5 days from today to contact me.


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I'll save us both a trip to the post office and pick mine up personally in Medicine Park in a couple of weeks. How's that for wrecking the economy?

And congrads to Farmboy.

Also thanks for the contest!!!!
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